Mobile Mower Repair Rates
1st 1/2 hour on site is $85.00

Each additional hour is $85.00 billed in 15 minute increments

If requested, the repair will begin as an estimate, you will be given an estimated cost of
repair, then it is up to you what is done to your equipment. Our Master Certified Technicians
understand that your mower is used; and they do not attempt to fully restore your equipment
to new condition, this would be too costly. They want to make sure that it runs properly and
performs it's tasks properly. Parts and repairs are suggested when the technician feels that
there is a problem that is either a safety hazard or a part will fail within the next year of use.

The estimate includes tear down and cost estimate only, it does not include reassembly.
Reassembly can be performed at current shop rates,
Why Choose mobile service over in-shop service?

Price: For about the same as many shops'  pickup and delivery charges your mower is evaluated at
your location, and the estimate is given to you immediately.

Convenience: Your mower stays at your location until a service technician can look at it. It doesn't sit
in a warehouse or storage shed or even out in the weather until someone can look at it, it stays at your

Service: Only factory trained and certified Master Service Technicians service your equipment.
What can be done as mobile service?
Estimates, tune ups, minor repair, major repair, tire repair, warranty work(additional charges may apply), blade sharpening,
replacing blades, engine rebuilds, starter repair, spindle rebuilds or replacements, replace belts, hydraulic system repair,
transmission repair, electrical repair, oil changes,  and many, many more repairs,

What happens if the repair cannot be completed at my house or business?
Although it does not happen often, If the technician arrives and finds that you equipment would be better in the shop for repair
then your unit is picked up and serviced in the shop as a priority, then it is promptly delivered back to you. If the technician finds
that the mower needs to come in to the shop for repairs then there is no additional charge to you, our customer for the pickup or