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Rider tune ups
Please note that the
picture of a specific
tractor in no way is
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1.        Adjust electric clutch.
2.        Adjust the belt guides.
3.        Change the oil and filter (if equipped).
4.        Charge and test the battery.
5.        Check and set the air pressure in the tires, adjust to user and terrain.
6.        Check charging system.
7.        Check/adjust governor
8.        Clean and protect battery terminals.
9.        Clean or replace the air filter & prefilter.
10.        Clean or replace the spark plug.
11.        General clean of unit.
12.        General inspection of unit.
13.        Inspect the belts for wear.
14.        Inspect the points and condenser, adjust or replaced if needed.
15.        Lubricate spindles and chassis.
16.        Replace fuel filter (if needed)
17.        Set engine idle rpm.
18.        Set engine Max RPM
19.        Sharpen and balance the blades.
20.        Test all safetys on unit
21.        Test unit after completion