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What is winterization?

There is a simple answer to this. That is the preparation of the equipment for storage over the winter.
Different industry's have different criteria to meet to accomplish this task, however i will only be discussing the outdoor power
equipment industry.

To winterize a lawnmower, follow these 17 steps
1) disable the starting (remove spark plug wire(s))
2) drain the oil
3) remove the spark plug(s)
4) replace the spark plug(s) with the one(s) recommended by the engine manufacture. Make sure to gap the spark plug to
manufactures specs prior to installing. Contrary to popular belief spark plugs are not "pre-gapped" although they may be close.
5) remove the air filter, clean out the air box making sure not to allow any debris into the air intake.
6) replace air filter with a new original (OEM) filter.
7) sharpen and balance blade(s).  Balancing is as important as sharpening
8) clean under deck
9) replace oil with manufacture recommended oil. Usually sae 30 (some require 10w-30)
10) lubricate all pivot points
11) most units no longer have points and condenser so that will not be addressed.
12) start unit and check safety's. All must be in good working order and function immediately.
13) adjust all cables.
14) lubricate all cables
15) add a quality fuel stabilizer to fuel. Mix with fuel, fill fuel tank up (if storing in shed or garage) run          unit between 5 and 10
min. To allow stabilizer to reach all areas of fuel system. Drain tank after         running unit if storing unit indoors.
16) set engine rpm *requires qualified tech! Improper rpm can be dangerous!
17) clean entire unit

OEM parts should be used wherever possible, protect your investment with original parts.